August 8th, 2006

Adventure Contest0

Open to any and all.

One of the most anticipated games for PC is Doom. For players who love first-person shooter genre, this is highly recommended for you. This modern-day shooter game has relentless demons, destructive guns, and fast, fluid movement that provides the foundation for an intense first-person combat. You can choose a single-player campaign, where you have to obliterate demon hordes through the depths of Hell or compete with other players in numerous multiplayer modes including the traditional four-player deathmatch, Domination, Warpath, Freeze Tag, and Clan Arena. The game also includes DOOM SnapMap that will let your gameplay experience easy to create, play, and share your content with everyone. If you want to download this game, you can use foxleech. You will be able to download Doom to your PC without any problem because it has 43 file hosting servers and BitTorrent support, and fast servers. You can download other games as well.

This a somewhat informal contest.

Here are the rules:

1) A “page” is a single spaced word processor page of Times-New Roman 12 point font. Figure about 800 - 1000 words to a page.

2) Artwork is not required–but will not be rejected outright. Let me see what you have. No bonus points for artwork, though.

3) You retain the copyright and provide to Harsh Realities the indefinite and irrevocable right to publish your adventure only in online format.

4) Your submission will be published on this site and others that Harsh Realities chooses, including the online fanzine “Shark Bytes”.

5) All submissions must adhere to the Pinnacle Entertainment Group’s Conversion Policy.

Adventure: 8-10 pages. Use only the basic Savage Worlds book and maybe a couple minor extras (like a couple new edges or a new race or whatever).

Mini-Setting: 10 - 30 pages. Use only the basic Savage Worlds book and some significant setting details that make this a “mini setting” vs “just” an adventure.

There will be one winner in each category, chosen by a the Harsh Realities business partners. Winners will receive:

One copy of Promised Sands to the winner of the Adventure category.

Three copies of Promised Sands to the winner of the Mini-Setting category. (One for you and two for your gaming group.)

Harsh Realities will pay the shipping to get them to you. (Yes, even if you live overseas–be content with 3 weeks shipping time, however!)

Other Stuff:

The winning adventure / mini-setting will be submitted in your name to the new Shark Bytes. (Heck, the runners up may, as well. There shall be no wasted effort! ;) )

Winners and runners up are also subject to be posted on Harsh Realities sites so that everyone may enjoy the full benefit of the submissions and all submitters may receive their due glory. (Harsh Realities reserves the right to choose which and if submissions are posted online. Harsh Realities also reserves the right to edit submissions.)

Any questions, post them here. As you can see, I put a lot of thought into this (about 3 minutes to type this all up…)

To make a comment to this post, click the purple number after the title of the post.

Submissions go to:

Submissions should be readable on a PC in Microsoft Word. .RTF, .DOC, whatever.

Deadline is April 30, 2006

Something New…0

While we’ve been diligently working to bring you some new games, our resident art director has teamed up with a friend to bring you an adventure scenario for the Savage Worlds game system.

Check it out: Fate of the Terra Ariel

New Artwork0

Each day, from now until we run out of artwork to show you (right now, that’s November 14th, but it could be later…), each of the RPG sites will show a new concept sketch.

Take a peek…


New Sites0

Fresh out! Brand new! Gotta love ‘em! :)

New sites soon to carry more information:



There’s no real content, yet. But there will be soon…

More Information0

StarDust has a lengthy post that should give a bit of a feel for the place. StarDust

Promised Sands Preview and Character Sheet are downloadable, now. Just be warned, that the Promised Sands Preview is a big download and takes awhile, depending on connection speed. Promised Sands Previews


There is now a link to the home of the StarDust news site.


Teaser II0

This just in from the playtesters:

The magic system details are not only cool, but they are quite playable. They still need some more testing and a little ironing out, but are showing excellent promise! :)

One of the very cool aspects of the magic system is the scalability and customizability it shows. Different traditions and styles can use variants that are different enough to be interesting and similar enough not to require a lot of additional rules (or caveats) to learn.


We’ve been working hard on the new mechanic. I’d still qualify it as an “alpha” generation–but a later alpha. I expect it to be in a “beta” development sometime around the end of September, when we’ll start searching for non-affiliated people to playtest it.

As it stands, we have 4 worlds within which we are testing the mechanic. Preliminary reactions indicate that it seems solid and useful in multiple genres.

Promised Sands may be converted to this new mechanic, or we might branch off with a separate, but related, gameworld. More on that as the situation with a new line developer materializes.

Promised Sands Info0

If you glance to your right, in the sidebar, you’ll notice there is now a page dedicated to Promised Sands.

The Previews page isn’t working right now. Check back in the next few days for some PDF downloads.

Harsh Realities Games will be making more items available in the near future. :)

New Forums0

The new forums are up and running: Forum

(You might give it a chance on the first load, there’s some graphics involved…)

The site(s) are taking firmer shape day by day.

Content should start flowing into them soon. Look for some art, some preview snippets, possibly even some downloadable PDF files.

Once the proper linkages are in place between the sites, I’ll actually start telling people that these sites exist. ;)

RPG Games

There are several kinds of computer games, but my favorite is the RPG. For those who aren’t familiar with it, it’s a role-playing game where players assume the roles of the characters in a fictional setting. You have to do the objectives of the game so that you’ll be able to make progress. Some of the RPG that I like are Final Fantasy, Dragon Age, Diablo, Kingdom Hearts, and Mass Effect. However, if you like to play RPG with your friends, then there is MMORPG. World of Warcraft and Ragnarok Online are the popular games for players. MMORPG are played using the internet connection and it is better if you use LAN. For better game experience, I suggest that you use socks proxies. Proxies are used to share internet connection on a LAN and also boost your internet speed. Moreover, it creates a firewall to the client’s computer and the server.

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